[CQ-Contest] QSLs, Logs and stuff

Tom Horton ksiid at access.mountain.net
Thu Oct 16 09:48:52 EDT 1997

 OK....I admit it...I am now, have always been, and probably always
will be a QSLaholic. I'm sorry, I just like QSLs. Many of you know
this already.  One guy at Dayton a few years back called me the QSL
guy(or something like that).

 I don't QSL 100% ...not even close....BUT if I need your card for one
of the many awards that I constantly work on (WPX,DXCC,IOTA,USACA[QRP
and 5Band] ,etc) you can rest assured that you will be hearing from me
via the mail. I know full well that when I send out a card, the
chances are small that I will get a response.

Therefore, I try to hedge my bet somewhat. Not only do I include an
SASE but also a return card completely filled out so that the
receiving station only has to check the log and verify that the
contact was made and sign the card. I use the county hunter mobile
reply cards for this purpose. They aren't pretty , but they do the
job. This makes it easier on the other guy and helps guarantee the
return. Of course it still does not assure that all cards will be
answered. There is one of the big CQ contest organizer types that has
ignored my requests for years. Most of the big time, big gun
contesters...Randy, Trey, John, Gator, etc. are very good about
returning my cards...Sometimes they even put their personal cards in
too...Hi. These guys still work me in the contests even though they
know they might get another QSL from me.  Why would I send them
another card? Well, maybe it was a new BAND/COUNTY or something.

Anyway, if I send you a QSL, I would appreciate a return,if not I will
probably still work you in the contests anyway. I am still trying to

 When you enter a contest, always try to send in the logs.(
Unfortunately, I don't always do this) John, K4BAI can tell you a
story about how he entered the Texas QSO party years ago and wound up
being high score for Ga, and had the certificate hand delivered to
him. (That was good Bar-B-Que, John.) You just never know. I have lost
many contests by not sending in the logs.

 I love QSLs, Contests, DX and Ham Radio in general. I have been at
this for over 40 years now and still enjoy it as much as I did when I
was 13 years old....probably more.


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