[CQ-Contest] N6AA OAZ

James B. Neiger jneiger at xti.com
Thu Oct 16 12:26:46 EDT 1997

Its been fun reading reading all of the postings of "Where in the World is 
Carmen San Diego----er, Norton"  As a sometimes member of the October 
multi-multi operations with Dick,,Phil (N6ZZ), Terry (ex-W6MKB), Art 
(W6XD),  and others, I can add to the confusion, herewith.,  Too many dead 
brain cells, but I believe the following is an accurate listing of Dick's 
zones, if somewhat incomplete as to the year.  (Geez, I'm now having 
trouble remembering where I was and when!)

1   KL7Y   SSB                      21  A61AC   CW
2   VE2/N6AA   CW                   22 4S7/N6AA   CW
3   N6AA/W6DGH   MANY               23 JT1Z  SSB  1995
4                                   24
5   K2PHF   MANY                    25
6   XE2MX SSB 1980, XE2SI SSB 1983  26 HS  SSB  1996
7   TI1C  SSB  1984                 27
8   VP2V  SSB  1985                 28 P29 SSB 1997
9   9Y4VT   MANY                    29 VK8TM  CW  1994(?)
10  HC8DX SSB  1987                 30  VK2LHI(?)  SSB
11  ZW5B  SSB  1989                 31  KH6RS  CW  YEARS AGO
12  CE0Y  SSB                       32  5W1JJ(?)  SSB  1990
13  LU4FM SSB                       33  EA9IE CW 1985 
14                                  34  SU1ER CW 1988
15                                  35  TU4B  CW
16                                  36  9Q5  CW
17                                  37  7Q7  CW
18                                  38  3DA0  SSB  1994(?)
19  1997 CW  (RA0FU, I hope)        39  FR5DX  CW
20  JY7Z  SSB  1986                 40

Looks like Dick should have only ten to do after this year.  As I was the 
originator of this quest for OAZ, and got Dick on this perilous path, I'm 
constantly getting grief from him that I'm seemingly stuck on 13 zones, 
and he'll easily trounce me.  It's not over until the fat lady sings but I 
better get un-stuck from zone 36, I guess.  More power to Dick; he's truly 
an amazing operator and person and really a credit to our hobby.

                  Vy 73

                     Jim Neiger   N6TJ

P.S.  See you all from ZD8Z next weekend, all-bands.  Should arrive island 
10/21.  Please listen for the weak P29; Dick and gang will need all the 
help they can get.      

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