[CQ-Contest] Re: QSLs

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at innet.be
Thu Oct 16 18:26:56 EDT 1997


Please read carefuly what I wrote. 

I said I love sending cards and receiving cards as well. I am NOT
requesting cards in return for those I send. The label neither the cards
sayd "PSE QSL". If the recipioent want to send one, fine, if not, fine with
me too. It is totaly up to him. When I really need a card for a new country
or such, I send a card direct with $$ or IRC.

If you dont want my card, just do not send envelopes to the QSL bureau, or
throw it in the watebasket. That's fine with me.

I know that a large majority wants the cards, and I will continue sending

So, please disregard my cards, and keep giving us a point in teh contests.


John, ON4UN - OT7T - AA4OI

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