[CQ-Contest] QSLing the new nightmare

Martin Luther MartinL at appdes.com.au
Fri Oct 17 14:05:04 EDT 1997

I have watched with interest the new discussion on contesting QSL's.
Those who keep up with the CQ contest magazine will have seen my article
on this subject (Sept 1996). Let me repeat some of the conclusions.
QSLing is not cheap for an active contest station, in my case between
500 and 1000 dollars per year with many of my precious leisure hours
also used (approx 11 standard man days per year). Receiving QSL's can be
a joy but sending them in these quantities is a chore.

The VK5GN policy is to QSL direct for all cards with IRC's $'s etc. All
other cards are sent back through the bureau.

However, I would like VK5GN to be included on any computer black list
which is to be used for not working stations in contests. 

I simply do not want a contact with someone who believes they have the
right to insist that I spend hundreds of dollars a year doing something
I dislike in order for them to get some minor pleasure.

While I currently reply to QSL's I reserve the right to stop at a time
of my choosing. I simply do not accept that the final courtesy of a
contest QSO is a QSL.

The contesting community solved the log dupe checking nightmare by using
computers. There is no doubt that when the first computer logging came
along I was already limiting my contest activity to fit the actual
contest and the log work into my available time. 

The answer to QSL's  will come from some central data base where we can
all put our logs and then those wanting QSL's can simply log on and get
a print out on their own machine. Those with an interest in QSL's should
be working towards this goal. The actual "card" or image downloaded can
be as simple or pictorial as desired. Don't come on here with threats of
black lists go and make something like this happen then you won't have a

Incidentaly i don't see how you will construct this black list with any
degree of equity or fairness.I remember a listing in a magazine that was
"how do I get QSL's from these so and so's who don't QSL." they gave it
up when they got lots of complaints that stations listed were good
QSLers and the reporting station had simply used wrong address, ignored
manager, didn't give it enough time or ??.

A further concern to me is the off hand comment made by ON4UN about
QSLing not being a problem because they had obtained "sponsorship". If
this QSL business is going to be the way that commercialism enters the
AMATEUR radio contesting scene then the quicker we stop doing it the

Martin VK5GN

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