[CQ-Contest] Lost log

David O. Hachadorian k6ll at juno.com
Fri Oct 17 11:34:11 EDT 1997

I've seen quite a few laments on here about lost logs. I
usually don't pay much attention to them, thinking that the
probability of loss is low enough not to worry about, or
thinking that maybe the person did something wrong in the
electronic submittal, or didn't get a receipt acknowledgement.

Well, I finally got bitten personally with ARRL's loss of my
2400 QSO Field Day log. Now THAT got my attention in a
HURRY. The log was submitted by email immediately after the
contest. It apparently was one of the first to arrive at ARRL
HQ, and I soon received an email stating that it was not in the
proper format, and did not include my Grid Square. Some of
you may remember my mentioning that little episode on one of
the reflectors. When the lady at ARRL finally was made aware
that it was a FIELD DAY log, and not one of the JUNE VHF QSO PARTY
logs, she assured me that all was well. I felt pretty secure
with this personalized acknowledgement. Bzzzt!

So much for the whining. What's the solution to this ongoing
problem? Well, a few days ago, N0AX, and I think others (see, I
wasn't paying much attention!) recommended that the log checkers
publish a "list of logs received" on a Web Page, and also that the
list be emailed to the cq-contest reflector just prior to the
log submission deadline. I think this relatively easy step would go
a long way toward eliminating the problem. I just yesterday
sent a message to the CAC members (cac at arrl.org), and other key
members of the ARRL hierarchy, making this recommendation, using my
specific example of how things can go awry in the present system.
If any of you contesters are attending the Pacific Division or
West Gulf Division ARRL Conventions this weekend, you might try to
express some support for this initiative, during the ARRL Forums
or face to face with the ARRL folks.

This Field Day effort involved 27 operators, many of whom were
Codeless Techs. The effort was specifically designed to expose
new Hams to some high-profile HF operating, and it did generate a
lot of interest locally. They made more QSO's than any other
single transmitter entry in any class, so it was a particularly
painful log to lose. I am hoping that this horrible example will
serve as a rallying point for convincing the ARRL to publish the
"list of logs received."   Let your thoughts be known! That's the
way this country is supposed to work.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
K6LL at juno.com

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