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Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM
Fri Oct 17 08:52:22 EDT 1997

Ken Silverman at AIRTOUCH
10/17/97 07:52 AM

This is a good question.

>I was reading through the CQWW Rules last night and was
>intrigued by the sentence: "Only the entrant's callsign
>can be used to aid the entrant's score". Maybe I am a
>little naive or inexperienced, but what type of
>behavior is this sentence meant to control?

Unfortunately there has been some un-sportsmanship
operating in the past.  I think
this example is what the rule is further clarifying for
any operating class:

**Multi-Single Example of bad (now illegal) operating:

(all calls in this example are fictional to my knowledge,
I apologize if there is any station with this call, as this
is meant to be an example, not a flame)

I2XXX  RUN station is on 20m
I2XXX MULT station is on 15m, but not working any new mults.

OK so far.

But I7YYY is CQing on 10m, which is almost dead.  He
works a few stations, and then all of a sudden a good
multiplier calls I7YYY, BUT I2XXX comes back to the mult,
not I7YYY! The MULT station is now switched
to 10m, and I2XXX logs the mult, not I7YYY

In this case, one of the other operators was using
his own call to work stations, but it was really
an attempt to attract multipliers to the main contest
entrant/callsign.  Since the M/S rules only allow 1
additional station on the air to work mults, this really
put a 3rd, 4th,... station on the air for the sole
purpose of increasing I2XXX's score.

The practice was illegal (or at least totally
unethical IMHO) under the old rules, but
I think this new rule was meant to clarify things a bit

Kenny K2KW

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