[CQ-Contest] Status of VS6/VR2 Hong Kong in CQWW - multiplier?

HANKKIER at aol.com HANKKIER at aol.com
Sat Oct 18 00:34:06 EDT 1997

I haven't seen anything come down from ARRL deleting Hong Kong so far. Will
it count as a contest multiplier in the upcoming CQWW contests? (i.e.-as a

I remember a few years ago there was a bit of a mess when the YU's were
breaking up, with different effective dates. ARRL in at least 1 case (I think
T9 and maybe Z3) announced the new country with a retro effective date before
the contest, but the announcement didn't come out till after at least the SSB
contest, if not both. There were questions then about whether to rescore your
entry, etc. I don't recall the result, except that it raised many questions
about what to do.

Seems unfair to go thru the contest believing it will (or won't) count, then
have it overturned afthe contest. Wonder if anything has been decided on
this? Or is contest committee should simply issue a ruling independent of
ARRL for contest purposes.

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