[CQ-Contest] Status of VS6/VR2 Hong Kong in CQWW - multiplier?

VR97BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Mon Oct 20 05:09:01 EDT 1997

NOCALL (HANKKIER at aol.com) asked:

 I haven't seen anything come down from ARRL deleting Hong Kong so far. Will
 it count as a contest multiplier in the upcoming CQWW contests? (i.e.-as a

When I spoke to K5FUV about this earlier in the summer, the separate
country status for Hong Kong (VR) would remain, unless something happened
which might indicate our separate administration wasn't so separate - or in
other words, things go pear-shaped.

In September, I was at the IARU Region 3 conference where our separate IARU
member-society status (for HARTS) was confirmed by the CRSA, who went
further to support separate DXCC status publicly (for Ws, this is the big
bad Chinese communist government organization largely responsible for
amateur radio in the PRC saying that HK is to be considered separate from
the motherland & [get this] can count as a separate "country").

Of course, as far as HARTS is concerned, it's business as usual in the HKSAR.

To date, the only negative comments on our DXCC status have come from
certain individuals on the DX reflector.  Deletion has been a hot topic
lately & I was surprised to see so many who are unfamiliar with the basis
for what can be a DXCC country.

Should VR be deleted under our present conditions, then other countries due
to separate administration could be under threat.  A good example that
comes to mind is GW.

73, VR97BrettGraham
(President, HARTS)

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