[CQ-Contest] Northern Latitude? - we are!

Klimoff Timo timo.klimoff at ktm.vn.fi
Tue Oct 21 14:59:55 EDT 1997

One well-known Belgium Top DXer and contester made a comment
that ON is located really north (as he did last year,too)!
Well, OUR multi-single group OF1AF is also QRV next weekend
in a battle against the windmills. We are located in the 62th
latitude. So it means the guys in Anchorage are our soul mates.

We especially are looking for ANY Usa/VE contacts on 80/160 mtrs -
KC1XX and K1ZM, pse listen very carefully, we are that weak one!

Our target and dream is to make 4000 contacts. Last weekend 15m
was hot up here. I was listening to K9ZO, he was 59+25dB in my
vertical last Saturday around 1500z. I made also several East
Coast qsos with AP8 and 100wtts (at home).

So we are hoping for a good over the pole opening on 15/20m Sat/Sun
nites. Looking for also those zone 3 or 4 big guns around 2100 z
on 10 mtrs if 15m is open!

Summa summarum...our location is VY NORTHERN but CALL US and GL!

Greetings from the land of AURORA BOREALIS and big towera

Team OF1AF

(de Timo OH1NOA/OH0NOA)
                Timo Klimoff 

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