[CQ-Contest] V31DX QSL manager and status

John Downing jdowning at intelenet.net
Tue Oct 21 22:53:36 EDT 1997

Hi all,

Well, the Cuba Libre Contesters are packin their bags and getting ready
for an early morning departure for sun and fun at Ambergris Caye,
Belize.  It's been a busy week getting ready - so here's what's going

Art Hubert, N2AU (sounds like a Krugerrand collector's vanity plate to
me!) has graciously offered his services as QSL manager for our V31DX
operation (mmmmmm, let's see if he returns for the ARRL?????).  As
usual, we do a new photo card after each contest so Art won't have logs
or cards until early December so please be patient.  We have accumulated
a hundred or so cards over the last year from previous operations that
haven't been answered - Art will also take care of them.

The Titanex V160E vertical for 160/80 that I ordered several weeks ago
(and paid for by wire transfer to Germany!) still hasn't arrived so
we'll be stuck with our little H2V Butternut mounted on the dock.  

A flaky power supply on my Ten-Tec Titan (sounds like a titanic kinda
theme here, doesn't it?) caused problems with two RF decks.  Built one
good one out of the two last week.  Ten-Tec support has been just
super.  I now have two working RF decks and one power supply - we'll
bring it all down and use one for a spare.

Jim, AD1C emailed me his ethernet drivers for CT.  Got it up and
running  with CT ver 9.25 in about a half an hour on two Toshiba laptops
(610CT and a 410CDT) running Win95.  Driver installation and
configuration was a breeze.  Tried both 10base-T and 10base-2 with
Xircom PCMCIA cards - worked great in either mode.  We will be using
this connection rather than the funky CT serial network for the
contest.  Since both laptops will be logging everything we can dispense
with the autobackup floppy disk write that always seems to come in the
middle of a pileup.  

Bill, WA9L, a Cuba Libre regular, is doing his usual 'should I stay or
should I go' thrash right on schedule - the day before we leave.  He and
we still don't know......

So there you have it.  Vic KI6IM, Tom KM6K, John W2NA, and maybe
(hopefully) Bill WA9L will be churnin and burnin for your listening and
dancing pleasure next weekend from good old zone 7.  V31DX.

have fun in the contest,

John, Vic, Bill, and Tom
The Cuba Libre Contest Club - V31DX

 - DX globally, drink locally -

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