[CQ-Contest] 6Y4A M/M in the CQ WW CW Contest

Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM
Wed Oct 22 20:26:51 EDT 1997

Ken Silverman at AIRTOUCH
10/22/97 07:26 PM

You never heard Jamaica so loud, MON!
The multinational team of 6Y4A is ready to operate a
Multi-Multi effort in the 1997 CQ WW CW Contest.
The 6Y4A team is:  AG9A, JE3MAS, JI3ERV, K2KW, KE7X,
The team will return to the site used in 1997 6Y4A M/2 ARRL DX CW
operation, which is located on the north shore of Jamaica.
Two adjacent villas will house the team, with all the
operations done from the main villa.  There is a clear shot over
the water to Europe, Africa, USA, Japan, and Oceania.
The antennas are designed and provided by Force 12. Thanks
Tom!  The 6Y4A team has done extensive empirical testing this
summer to determine the correct antennas for this location.
The results of the testing were quite intriguing, and
hopefully the results will be published in the near future.
The team will used quasi-fixed arrays of multi-element parasitic
verticals on 80-10m, a single vertical on 160, and additional
horizontal arrays on 10 and 15m.  Most low band antennas will use
the new ZR vertical by Force 12.  All the arrays will be fed with coax
subsidized by Nemal Electronics.
Six full stations running 500-1500w are being brought down
with the team (there is no existing station at this QTH!),
 and hopefully DX packet spotting will be available via the
 internet using DX Telnet software.
The team will operate outside the contest from 21 November
through 2 December 1997, signing homecall/6Y5. QSL 6Y4A via
WA4WTG. For QSOs outside the contest, QSL via operators home call.
73, Kenny K2KW
6Y4A Team Leader

P.S. If you work a loud BY4A , think again!

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