[CQ-Contest] Telephone Interference

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Tue Oct 28 02:21:39 EST 1997

Hi All.
I posted this yesterday, but it never showed up on the reflector.  In 
fact, in two days, I have only seen one message, K3ZO's (very 
interesting one) on the cq-contest reflector.
Anyhow, after the contest, I found that I was getting into my sons 
computer thru his phone line.  Not unusual you say?  He lives two houses 
down the street from me!!  Are there any good filters to go on the phone 
line that I can get to keep the rf out of his (and mine) computer.  
Undoubtably, it is getting into the fone lines on the pole, and going 
into his house.  Does the phone company make any thing like that?  Thanks 
and 73

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