[CQ-Contest] New TVI Problem

ehayes at vnet.IBM.COM ehayes at vnet.IBM.COM
Tue Oct 21 08:24:00 EDT 1997

Previously, with the help of several reflectorites, I cleared
up all of my TVI/Phone problems when using cw and ssb with toroids,
a hi pass filter and a brute force unit from R.S. I just
recently began working with rtty (afsk) and lo and behold, my
signal can be heard on the phone and on the tv speaker even
when the tv is off. It is an instant on set.  When I unplug
the set from the wall, there is no rtty signal heard from
the speaker.  During the JARTS test this weekend, my son
complained that I was even coming thru on his computer speakers
when they were on.
Other than not doing rtty, how do I fix this?

Wayne  AJ5M  ehayes at vnet.ibm.com

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