[CQ-Contest] TS-50 6-pin connector (for computer control)

Romas LY1DD aldirita at siauliai.omnitel.net
Thu Oct 23 14:02:44 EDT 1997

( This message did not appear on reflector, so I'm trying to post
  it again )

Hi everyone,
thanks for the replies, but I guess the problem was not clearly
stated. I know where in my radio the connector is located.

The problem is:

I can't find the 6-pin female connector to plug-into male connector
that is in TS-50. There are not even similar connectors overhere.
When I removed that rubber cap from bottom, I was badly suprised:
have never seen similar connectors and have no idea what to plug
into it.
Can anyone help with this part.

E-mail: aldirita at siauliai.omnitel.net

73, Romas LY1DD

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