[CQ-Contest] W3LPL RX filter - last update

Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW gswanson at arrl.org
Thu Oct 23 12:51:00 EDT 1997


Per Frank, W3LPL, a bit of refinement has been added to the "tuning 
instructions" for his receive filters (as posted on my web page). The 
additional text is below, or you can surf to 
to get the full text, table, drawing and other details, on Frank's RX filter 

" * The three tuned circuits must be stagger tuned to provide the 10% 
If all three circuits are tuned for the same frequency, the resultant 
bandwidth will be much less than 10%. The middle tuned circuit should be 
tuned for maximum mid-band response; and the remaining two tuned circuits 
should be tuned to
provide the desired bandwidth: That is, one of the remaining two should be 
peaked near the bottom edge of the band; the other should be peaked near the 
top edge, to provide the desired bandwidth. "

This should be the last update on this--promise!

Good luck in CQ WW this weekend!

73, Glenn Swanson, KB1GW
Avon, Connecticut

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