[CQ-Contest] FT 757 AND DVK 100

PCBOLDUC at delphi.com PCBOLDUC at delphi.com
Sun Oct 26 07:48:52 EST 1997

Good morning,

I have a FT 757 and the DVK 100 by Neltech Labs.  I have had several people
try to figure out the method of how to wire the plugs to the DVK and the 757
with no success.  
If somebody could tell me where pins 1 - 8 on the DVK go to on the mike jack
at the rig and also from the mike jack itself for the Heil mike to the DVK and 
if a jumper is needed from 7 to another pin which number I forgot. 

I thank you in advance as I know somebody out there has the answer.

Have a good weekend and hopefully we'll work eachother in one of the contest,

Paul  WR1X
pcbolduc at delphi.com

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