[CQ-Contest] Re:CQWW- Multi/single Log (long)

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Tue Oct 28 19:35:36 EST 1997

Thank you to the contest group for the suggestions on the
multiplier log.  I had a number of replies, which helped our
understanding of two transmitter operating:

1.	Link two computers, being only way to keep
	in sync.
	Thanks Chas K3WW; Kenny K2KW

2.	After contest key in multiplier QSOs to new file2,
	using F4 to alter date/time. 
	Then use MERGE file1 file2.  
	Thanks Timo OH1NOA; Scott N9AG; David K1TTT.

3.	Post contest key in multiplier-rig QSOs, using F4
	to alter date/time. Type MULT before logging the QSOs.	
	With WRITELOG you get RUN logs, one per band,
	and MULT logs, one per band. 	
	Thanks Jim AD1C.

ZL1ANJ: We decided to follow the single log approach per AD1C.
	With only one computer it became necessary for the mult-
	operator to ask the run-operator to check needed zones and
	countries per band.  So it seemed best to wait for quiet
	moments and key in the mult paper-log, so that it was in the 
	contest main log.
	Things were OK until about 30 hours into the contest, when 
	the  '286 computer slowed up with too many QSOs for the
	640K memory.  The cursor would not appear on the new line
	in time for the next QSO.  So we saved the log and started
	file2.  This was fine because the MERGE file1 file2
	command created a single log for scoring on my P133 home
	computer.  BUT for the last 12 hours we could not tell
	what we needed- embarassing to join a DX pile up, only
	to be told "sorry QSO before".  So best to quit S&P and
	try to create runs (let the other station decide if he
	needs you).  

	So we started with suggestion 3 (AD1C); and finished on
	the merge file suggestion 2 (OH1NOA; N9AG; K1TTT.)

	Next time: use suggestion 1 (K3WW; K2KW)
	and use 2 computers linked.  Looks like my Powermate 1,
	'286 is due for a retirement.

What a great contest group!

Martin ZL1ANJ
< ZL1AA in the CQWW>

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