[CQ-Contest] Yagi Rain Static Observation

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Mon Oct 27 09:54:02 EST 1997

This weekend I had ample oportunity to make observations about rain 
static.  In the past I have noted that the highest antenna on a tower is 
the one plagued by rain static.  This is the case at my station as well 
with one exception:

I have a 20M 5 element yagi on a 48' boom on the NE side of the hill.  
The antenna is at 60' and is at or below tree tops except to the north 
and northeast.  I observed litte or no rain static on this antenna all 
weekend.  Very weird.

On a slightly different subject...  I had several instances of very close 
lightning strikes this weekend.  It was interesting to watch the radios 
after the strikes.  The S-meter would deflect to full scale and slowly 
fall back to the left as the charge disapated.  


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