[CQ-Contest] Allow Packet for everyone!

Ramirez, Kenneth EXCH KRAMIREZ at intermedia.com
Tue Oct 28 07:48:04 EST 1997

             I also fell victim to numerous DX stations that just 
would not ID unless asked to during this past weekend's contest.
I believe this is all due to the instant pileups that ensue after the 
DX station is spotted on the Dxclusters around the country.
It is no problem when the use of packet allows stations to work more 
multipliers BUT it IS a problem when the same packet networks are
creating negative consequences for the serious single unassisted 
operators. One of these consequences is increased waiting times for 
the DX stations to ID because US stations are calling him forever 
because they already know the DX station's call because of the packet 
             I haven't seen where the use of packet in assisted 
categories has enabled an assisted single operator to have a higher 
score than an unassisted operator in the box scores. The top notch 
operators will know how to best balance the running and use of packet 
during a contest. Personally, I see that the best advantage is to be 
able to look at the CT band map that has been populated with packet 
call outs so I can avoid the wasted time waiting for a DX station to 
ID when I come across his frequency. I bet there are also those who 
are monitoring packet spots without being connected and claiming SOU.
             Let's  ask CQ to allow the use of packet for ALL single 
operators and let the single operators decide how to best use or not 
use packet spotting networks.
73 Ken N4UK

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