[CQ-Contest] Telephone RFI

James P. Cassidy 107770.3462 at compuserve.com
Tue Oct 28 00:27:56 EST 1997

Tom, I have had good results with a filter made by K-COM (available at HRO
and others,I see what looks like the same unit in the Rado Shack catalog  )
 Problem I solved was BCI into a telephone (Only one phone in the whole
house had the problem)  From KEX 50KW AM about 10 miles away!  The filter
eliminated the problem.  Its modular jacks in and out so easy to install,
You can also do a hard wire job with rf chokes and .01 caps.  I have done
that on another problem with a commercial building next door to a 10kw AM
station.  they could not use data transmission from a computer on 1 phone
line and a fax on another line that got confused with the country music on
the line. 73 Jim KI7Y

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