[CQ-Contest] ARRL Contest awards

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at innet.be
Tue Oct 28 09:46:22 EST 1997

Hello fellow contesters,

One thing we must say, the ARRL contest awrads seem to be always on time.
Just received  those for the 1997 SARRL CW and Phone contest. The same
ecannot be said for plauqes coming from CQ. I am still awaiting plaques for
1994, 1995 and 1996 contests from CQ...

You know what? Both ARRL awards say "FIRST PLACE  B E L G I U M" . What an
achievement!  First place for a country, where, in the category where I
participated (Single band 80, like almost every year), I was the ONLY one
in Belgium to participate. 

BTW, both were also FIRST PLACE EUROPE, but that's probably too hard to
mention,... I guess. I know, It carries a seal saying "Continental leader",
but that's not the same. 

I have asked more than once that they should print the appropriate things
on the awads, the thing the operators are proud of. I set out to win for
Europe, and try to be as close as possible world-wide. Those ranks I would
like to see on the award.

The one I received today says "FIRST PLACE BELGIUM", and I was the only
participant. So it is worthless and it goes to the waste basket.

Anyone out there on the reflector who has had the same feelings with
awards? Maybe it's just me...

See you all in the CQ WW CW in a month.


John, ON4UN

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