[CQ-Contest] 40 meter operating practices

VK1FF/WB2FFY Jim Muller VK1FF at contesting.com
Tue Oct 28 21:57:19 EST 1997


I've noticed the same thing from many stations in the South Pacific.

A few operators are probably consciously do not giving out their RX freq 
to keep the pileup manageable, but I bet most just forget once a pileup

While we're [in VK] aware of the comprehensive packet networks in the US, 
Europe, and Japan most of us don't assume everyone is connected
or use packet spotting......so it would be crazy not to give out your
RX freq.

Thanks for sharing your comments.

73, Jim VK1FF

At 16:13 27-10-97 -0800, you wrote:
>One problem I had during the just completed CQWW was that the DX stations on
>40 were very very lax in giving out their RX frequency.  I guess with the
>advent of wide spread packet spotting networks the need for giving out such
>trivial information has fallen below giving their call sign.  I can well
>understand that when you have a vast sea of stations calling the need to
>solicit more takes back seat to working those there but heck, it is very
>frustrating to sit and listen to a DX station knock off the Q's and not have
>a clue to where they are listening....almost as bad as not knowing the call
>of the station doing it!
>Please tell your RX frequency a little more often then every 5 minutes!!
>BTW, one went 11 minutes before doing so.....wonder how many of the calls he
>worked got their information via packet and will claim SO/UN??
>73 Gary K7FR
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