[CQ-Contest] 40mtrs and Not IDing

Brian Maves bmaves at msw0.attnet.or.jp
Thu Oct 30 01:13:05 EST 1997

Hi all,

I personally enjoy operating 40mtr SSB under the current band plan and
wanted to share a couple of comments.

> On 10/27/97 8:13 PM, Gary Nieborsky at k7fr at televar.com wrote:
> The most frustrating part of working 40m is having a DX station (most 
> likely a new multiplier) blithely working 40m without a split listening 
> frequency. This means you have no hope of contacting him.

I always considered this part of the game.  If the DX is a relatively
experienced op, you know he'll eventually go split.  You got to make sure
your strategy brings you back to find him when he is split.  Why waist time
listening to him and getting frustrated.  I'm afraid we in the states are a
little arrogant at times, thinking everyone should always be split just to
accommodate us.

> Perhaps the solution is simply to permit US amatuers to operate SSB in 
> some portion of the 7.000-7.100 range. Seems like most all of our Region 
> 2 breathren can, so why not?

I would hate to see this.  Working split has always been one of the
interesting aspects of ssb contesting on 40mtrs and one of those things
that adds a little variety to a contest strategy.  

I can certainly relate to the frustration expressed in a couple of posts. 
"Packet pileups" have made things more congested and made the pileups more
difficult to manage for some of the DX.  Like VK1FF though, I doubt most DX
account for the "packet factor" when they devise a strategy for IDing in a
pileup.  In most cases, I think it's simply inexperience or simply poor
operating practices.

Instead of changing the rules or adjusting the band plan, I think we need
to keep stressing the fundamentals of good operating practices on the
masses.  Maybe some of it will stick!

Thanks, Brian
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