[CQ-Contest] Telephone Interference

Bill Turner wrt at eskimo.com
Thu Oct 30 08:46:21 EST 1997

We're a little off the mainstream of the reflector, but contesters
probably suffer more telephone RFI on the average, so here goes:

For what it's worth, I just bought one of those Radio Shack
"see-through" phones, and to my amazement, it is totally free of RFI,
even when running SSB at 1500 watts and NO filter at all.  It's the
only phone I've ever tried that was that good, and I've tried lots of
them.  I'm guessing they added some filtering just to make it look
more impressive inside, and boy, does it work.  YMMV, but it's worth a
try.  Sorry I can't give you a model number because it doesn't seem to
have one on it, and the box is gone.  It's the one that looks like a
Princess phone with the dial in the handset, and both the handset and
the base are clear plastic.

73, Bill W7TI

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