[CQ-Contest] HST results?

df4pa contest at pc4a.kernspur.uni-kiel.de
Thu Oct 30 11:08:47 EST 1997

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Barry Kutner wrote:

> Are the results of the recent High Speed Telegraphy Competition in 
> Bulgaria posted anywhere on the 'net? Tnx/Barry
> --
> Barry Kutner, W2UP                            Internet: w2up at itw.com
> Newtown, PA                                   Frankford Radio Club

You should keep an eye on PA3BWK's superb web page on CW for further
development. He does some advertising there for HST World Championships
and maybe he'll publish the results. At the moment I can only help you
and the interested audience to paper copies of the results via snail mail.

Mark, DF4PA.
pke22 at rz.uni-kiel.de

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