[CQ-Contest] Re: Allow Packet for Everyone!

John Warren nt5c at easy.com
Thu Oct 30 13:48:02 EST 1997

Bill W4AN wrote:

|SOAB+ is a viable category.  It's just not attracting all of the best
|competitors.  The best thing SOAB+ affords is the casual DX contest ops
|the opportunity to get on the radio and contest without fear of missing
|the chance at a new one that might get spotted on packet.

Exactly. As a casual contester, but serious low-band DXer, I simply would
not operate without access to the cluster. It's not that I want to be
spoonfed - I send far more to the cluster than I ever work off it. But with
new ones hard to come by, I just can't risk missing that ONE critical spot
during the 48 hours.

John, NT5C.

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