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Thu Oct 30 12:07:13 EST 1997

In a message dated 97-10-30 05:59:34 EST, l38217 at alfa.ist.utl.pt writes:

<< n the world and continent on all band.
 	Why there aren't any plaques for monoband entries ?
 	I think those big gunners don't have the slightest idea of
 	how hard the low power can be. In many ocasions we spent
 	call and call without any answer. Do you know how long it
 	takes to break a pile-up ??
 	The creation of the low power cathegory as shown that you
 	understand that the low power could never compete with the
 	Big Gunners, anyway why don't we get prizes like the others ?
 	I'll say no more for the moment untill I see if there are
 	more Low Power contesters thinking the same way ! 
Hello..I agree on the low power plaques,as that is what I do most of the
time...As far as I know,all the plaques are donated,so if more people would
donate whatever the fee is ..50.00 ?? there would be plaques for every
category....I think I will get my checkbook out now and start the ball
rolling..73 .de Larry K6RO 

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