[CQ-Contest] RE: Allow Packet for everyone!

Ve3bmv Ve3bmv at aol.com
Thu Oct 30 19:51:17 EST 1997

if you want to use packet go multi or SO assisted, or just have a fun. Enough
of weird categories!!!!  Look at the top scoring boxes now.
Use your brains, skills, knowledge, endurance to improve your scores,  
DO NOT POLUTE CONTESTING with diseases similar to ones spread in DXing and
liberal welfare.
I like to find and work the stuff well before the "packet pack" finds it,
announces it and beats their brains in endless pileup calling without shuting
up for station to come back. (eventually making station to go QRT in disgust)
If you like to fish in aquarium, or shoot animals in the ZOO then join PHO
Family Garbage Hour or use packet. 
Let's see what YOU can do, and not what you can find what others can find for

It's the SKILL, KNOWLEDGE of antennas/equipment/propagation and using it under
contest condition within 48 hrs.

One art admirer asked Michaelangelo looking at his painting: 
"Maestro what kind brushes and paint do you use?"

One contester asked another contester: 
"What kind of antenna and equipment are you using?"

instead of saying QRZ? say your call (at least phonetically) and where you
listen!!!! (if split)

Back to the log cleanup, CU on CW

Yuri, VX3BMV/1, K3BU, op of CG1ZZ   - 160 this year (love that QRN!)

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