[CQ-Contest] 5X1Z/SM7PKK will be in Maryland 14th November

PerssonM at wfp.or.ug PerssonM at wfp.or.ug
Fri Oct 31 09:16:55 EST 1997

     Hi Guys,
     After Peters and my trip to Kisangani I (together with my wife and our 
     baby daughter) will be heading of to the States for a training-course.
     It would be fun to meet up with some of you DX/Contesters while there.
     We arrive Friday 14th November and leave again on the 21st November.
     We will be staying in Germantown, MD at Hampton Inn.
     So if there is any hams interested in an eyeball or even to show us 
     some of the interesting sites around the area (like Capitol Hill or 
     W3LPL) send me an e-mail. I have never been on the East Coast US!
     I need to get hold of a TS-570S and a Ameritron AL-800HX while there 
     if anybody can help out. (I need to get prepared for CQWW CW)
     73 de Mats 5X1Z, SM7PKK

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