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> On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, ALAN KAUL wrote:
> > I salute those who have the ability to do two things at once!
> > But I think it's time for a new contest category --
> Ya, we certainly wouldn't want to reward hard work would we?  
> 73
>I agree with Alan...I just spent over 4000.00 on a second rig,Dunestar
>filters,and a set of Top Ten switches....so it's not just hard work...Flame
>suit on...73 de Larry K6RO

Please don't forget that hardware alone doesn't cut it.  Unless you have a
good idea of how to effectively operate with 2 radios it may not be as much
of an advantage as you think. 

Operating with 2 radios is a series of tradeoffs.  


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