[CQ-Contest] Contesting and CQ VHF

henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Mon Sep 1 14:50:25 EDT 1997

While checking out the local magazine outlet, spotted the latest CQ VHF
magazine and decided to spend some cash.

Since the new VHFers are a good place to recruit tomorrow's HF
contesters, I though it would be of interest to note what is in this
issue of CQ VHF.

Contest related items:  Reader Survey (re VHF contesting) results from
the June issue, What You've Told Us (only 4% consider them a "waste of
time and frequency space", while 41% find them fun and exciting!); The
Art of VHF Contesting Part 1 - Why Bother?, Plus Tips for Beginners; and
Part 2 - Know What to Expect; and Rules - ARRL September VHF QSO Party.

Other items:  Project Corner - Let's Go Six'n (2 antennas and an antenna
tuner for 6M); and more....

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
Raleigh, NC

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