[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX CW and assisted classes

Kevin Drost kevindrost at prodigy.net
Tue Sep 2 20:04:42 EDT 1997

Jim Pratt wrote:

> I note with interest the recent results of the 1997 ARRL DX CW
> contest.
> I have heard it said over the years that "if single-op-assisted is a
> "real" class of entry, how come they never beat the unassisted
> entrants"?  Well, in 1997, that happened.  Top single-op-unassisted
> was
> W1KM with 3.1Meg, top single-op-assisted was K1NG with 3.3Meg.

Right on !!! its time to combine SO and SOA classes .... at this point
everyone has some access to packett somehow .... and combining classes
would eleiminate any "cheating" also


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