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No way....the low end is the low end, and "press" won't change that in a
decade.....plus all of us have honed our squeezing in techniques to ensure we
can work the really good stuff down in the Extra band....when I got my Extra
back in the days of spark, not quite, there were two "incentives" - access to
the low end, and a two letter call....since I mostly operated from othere
stations it was the ability to work the low end that was aluring - during the
DX tests I would hear all the juicy stuff down low.....it is part of the

I don't have to worry about my antennas being cut to the wrong length for SSB
operation anyway....so,

Whilst an interesting idea, you can safely put me square in the NO column,
besides....aren't all 80 meter antennas tweaked for 3525?

(you might wanna try using split nuts on your antenna ends for quick
changeover from the cw to the phone band.  These little jewels can allow you
to make your antenna resonant in the phone band, and then by adding a short
leg in series with the end of the antenna, an insulated length, with a jumper
which you can either split nut to itself for ssb, or run across the insulator
and split bolt onto the antenna making its resonant length in the CW band....


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