SV: [CQ-Contest] What's your call?

Göran Fagerström sm0drd at
Tue Sep 9 09:48:28 EDT 1997

> B= bad call = removed with penalty
> U= uniques to your log not removed unless PROVEN as Bad by crosschecks.
> N= Not in the other guys log. All N's with nothing next to them are
> removed as no QSO calls.
> In the end deductions were made for 17 of the NIL QSOs (NILs are not 
> automatically deducted, for instance, several were marked as NIL when it 
> was clear the other station had worked us but had logged it wrong - K1K1 
> and KW1KI are examples) and 23 of those marked bad - a total of 40 QSOs..
> Unique QSOs are not automatically deducted but are used as an indication 
> of possible problems that might require more detailed checking.
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Tom's analysis  (which is very thought-provoking on getting the call right
and very humble, too - no complaints abt his reductions) made me think of
something else.

Do you use the remove-dupes-after-the-contest coption? I don't, and a
strong reason which seems even stronger now is that the 'analysts'
conclusion may be distorted if I did. Scenario:

I work K1KI, for some reason he doesn't log me (get's my call wrong, let's

Later, K1KI calls me, I notice it as a dupe but work him anyway.

His log will show the 2nd QSO as a valid contact, mine as a dupe. What
conclusions will the cross-checkers draw if I remove it viz. if I don't?



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