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Mon Sep 8 14:33:09 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-09-07 03:02:05 EDT, John, K1RC wrote:

<< We're at a disadvantage as it is, why not at least give us the illusion of
being part of the contest brotherhood by letting us use packet. It sure gets
lonely out there not knowing whats going on and missing good opportunities
others are picking up via the networks. >>

Nobody is saying you can't use packet.  I use it in almost every contest I
enter.  I mark my log submission as S/O with packet.  That way the contest
sponsor (that poor soul who has to tabulate and check all the logs) can put
me down as S/A if that is the rule of that particular contest, or whatever.
 I don't have that big of an ego to really care what class of entry I'm put

I use packet because it adds FUN to the contest.  Isn't that what this is all
about anyway?  Here in northern CA, we have quite a lot of banter on the net
as well as just good spots. Some of those one liners can really put a smile
back on your face after sitting and begging for hours.  

73,  Al   AD6E at aol.com

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