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Subject: Announcing the Second Annual RTTY sprINT
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Contest period: 01:00:00Z to 03:00:00Z on (Oct 9th, 1997).  
This is Wednesday evening in the USA.

Bands: 40 and 20 meters only (this is a real radio contest, no 
internet). Suggested frequencies are 7070-7100 and 14070-14095. 

Max power output: 150 watts at transmitter output connector.

Exchange: Serial number, your name and state or province or DXCC 
country (if outside W/VE). 

Call: CQ INT

***The standard sprint QSY rule must be followed.  This means that 
if you solict a QSO (ie: with CQ or QRZ), after completing the QSO, 
you must QSY at least 1 kHz before calling another station, or 
5 kHz before solicting another QSO.***

Both callsigns must be sent during the exchange.  Only one signal 
at a time please and all QSOs are to take place on RTTY.  All 
information submitted must have been decoded during the contest.  
The use of post contest detection or verification techniques or 
systems is not allowed. Also, do not make round robin type QSOs. 
A round robin QSO is one where you should QSY, but instead hang 
around to work the station who is QSOing the station you gave 
the frequency to.  You may work the same station multiple times 
provided they are separated by at least 3 other QSOs in both 
logs (regardless of  band).  For example, if W2UP works K5DJ, DJ 
must work at least 3 other stations before he can work UP again.  UP 
must also work 3 stations before working DJ again.  Changing 
bands does not eliminate the three QSO requirement. The three 
QSOs must not be dupes themselves.

You must not work the same station or stations using any kind of 
schedule or system.  It is the intent of the dupe rule to make 
sure we don't run out of stations to work.  It is NOT the intent 
of this rule for you to change how you would operate the contest 
if dupes were not allowed.  If, in the log checkers opinion, you 
have not lived up to the intent of this rule, your log will be 

Total score is the number of contacts you make.  Any QSO found 
to be defective in anyway will be removed from BOTH logs (yes, 
if someone miscopies your exchange, you won't get credit for 
the QSO).

Logs must be sent in ASCII format via internet to <w2up at itw.com> 
within 72 hours of the end of the contest AND please put the 
word SPRINT in the subject line of your e-mail.  Figuring out 
how to send in your log on the internet is PART OF THE CONTEST.  If 
you need help, we will try to assist the best we can.  Using the WF1B 
software is suggested (Ray promises to have the sprINT format in 
V3.2 in time for the contest).

Logs must show the band, time, station worked, serial numbers,
name received and QTH received for each QSO.  Also, please tell 
me the name you start the contest with.  

Results will be published on WF1B-RTTY within 2 weeks of the 
contest. Decisions of the judging committe are final and arbitrary.  

Good luck, tell a friend and HAVE FUN!!

Barry W2UP, e-mail: w2up at itw.com

Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at itw.com
Newtown, PA         FRC         alternate: barry at w2up.wells.com

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