[CQ-Contest] Ultimate Radio

Rhonda and Rick Zabrodski beyond at cadvision.com
Mon Sep 15 22:19:59 EDT 1997

I decided to pursue more academic paper for my office wall while the sun
spot gods slept.  I also ignored  a stock that I owned that did very
well.  I have now sold the stock and finished the thesis....time for
some serious QRP contesting again as the son gods awaken.  So, I am back
on this list with a question.  Which, in you humble opinion is THE BEST
contest radio to buy in 1997.  Cost is not the issue  (I deserve a new
radio every decade or so.....at least that what I tell my wife.)  I have
new coax and a new  antenna  (same city lot).  I have narrowed it down
to the 775dsp or the 1000mp....each would have all the filters for cw
and ssb....which one should I buy?  Which one is the most popular on the

Thanks for the input, and greetings to all!

Rick Zabrodski MD     VE6GK   "Power is no substitute for skill"

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