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James.E.Brown at LRD03.usace.army.mil James.E.Brown at LRD03.usace.army.mil
Tue Sep 16 12:45:42 EDT 1997

Hi Wayne,

Not according to the rules published on both the LA9HW and
SM3CK or any other contest calendar I have seen.  According to the
"Special QSY Rule", one has to qsy ONLY after soliciting a qso via a
cq, qrz, etc.  If another station calls you, then it is still your frequency
after the contact.  Check it out at   http://www.sk3bg.se/contest

>>> n7ng at sprynet.com 09/15/97 09:41pm >>>

I haven't check recently, but the Sprint (CW/Phone) rule has always
been that 
you MUST qsy after EVERY qso.  You must qsy  at leastone kHz just
to work 
another station and you must qsy at least five kHz if you intend to
another qso.  Has this changed?  Are you only refering only to RTTY?  

Wayne, N7NG

On 15 Sep 1997, James.E.Brown at LRD03.usace.army.mil wrote:
>On the subject of "round-robin" qsos, this was beat around pretty
>well on the cq-contest reflector last year.  With no resolution,
>however.  Actually, the rule implies that if one does not solicit a
>then one does not have to qsy.  A move IS required if one solicits a
>qso.  In practice, generally everyone moves after a maximum of two
>qsos on a frequency.  However, by the letter of the rule, unlimited
>qsos are possible on a frequency.  As long as one is being called by
>other stations without soliciting, then one could keep the frequency
>and run the string.  I tried this once in the phone sprint, just to see
>what would happen, and it didn't go over very well with at least one
>other contestant at the time.  When this was brought up on the
>reflector, opinion was split, with some maintaining that holding a
>frequency and running violated the "spirit" or "intent" of the rules.  
>Also, the rule as stated in the RTTY Sprint announcement, is different
>than that stated in the NA CW and Phone Sprint announcement, in
>that the NA announcement states  "Once a station is required to
>that station is not allowed to make another qso on the vacated
>frequency until at least one subsquent qso is made on a new
>frequency . . .".  There is no such statement in the RTTY rules.  Also,
>the wording on the round robin is soft, i.e. it does not read as a
>prohibition, but just something that is discouraged.
>Jim            W4LC

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