[CQ-Contest] Filter combos for CW contesting

Steve Daniel daniels at mail.bna.bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 17 01:33:35 EDT 1997

What is the wisdom of the group regarding filters used in CW contesting?
If, for the purpose of discussion, "standard" filtering is assumed to be
first and second i.f. 500hz filters, who out there finds this to be
inadquate and who finds it too restrictive, and why? Do you find
yourself changing the filter combinations throughout the contest to
match band conditions of QRM/QRN or do most simply find a combination
that suits most situations and go with that? As a long time DXer I have
found myself throwing in as much filtering as possible, particularly on
the low bands where both QRM and QRN are particularly daunting. As a
neophyte CW contester, however, who is becoming more comfortable with
running stations, I realize that keeping those 250hz filters in all the
time may be doing as much harm as good, not to mention making me wear
out the RIT control! Thanks in advance for the input. Steve, NN4T.

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