[CQ-Contest] Filter combos for CW contesting

Nate Bargmann ka0rny at midusa.net
Thu Sep 18 00:27:56 EDT 1997

Hi Steve and all.

> What is the wisdom of the group regarding filters used in CW contesting?
> If, for the purpose of discussion, "standard" filtering is assumed to be
> first and second i.f. 500hz filters, who out there finds this to be
> inadquate and who finds it too restrictive, and why?

Like you I am rather new to CW contesting only being involved to any 
extent the past 4 years or so.  Until this past Field Day all I had 
done was search and pounce and typically on my TS-830S I rolled the 
VBT up to narrow things as much as possible.  I have only the Kenwood 
500 Hz filter in the 8.8 MHz IF (I should put better filtering 
in...).  On Field Day the past few years I had the opportunity to use 
an FT-890 with a 250 Hz filter and it really allows one to slice 
through the closely packed stations.

This year's Field Day I ran (HA! called CQ and worked stations slowly 
was more like it!) for the first time and found the 250 Hz filter way 
too tight.  I wished for a 500 Hz selection but had to make do with 
the stock SSB filter.  Time will tell, but without close QRM I think 
I'd prefer a slightly wider filter for running than for search and 

My $.02 worth!

73, de Nate >>

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