[CQ-Contest] Re: combining filters

Mike no6x at inreach.com
Fri Sep 19 04:59:20 EDT 1997

I like 600hz for running in a pile up, but if the qrm is bad I will go to
400. When it gets slim, I might go to 1khz. 
When searching and pouncing I find 400, or maybe 200 sufficient.
But as far as working dx I narrow it up as far as I can go, so as not to
hear the others in the pile up. The 870 allows down to 50hz, sure is nice.
I worked a 4K that I needed then moved up 300 hz and worked JY which I also
needed in a matter of less than a minute, that was cool. All I could hear
before I started dialing the bandwidth on the DSP down was the JY.
Almost spoils a guy!

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