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gedas ly3ba at vifom.balt.net
Sat Sep 20 02:41:32 EDT 1997

Quite often we can see in CQ Magazine photo's where shown presentation of various CQ WW DX, CQ WW WPX Contest trophys.
Members of the Kaunas University of Technology Radio Club (formerly Kaunas Polytechnic Institute RC - the first contest club in Lithuania,founded
41 years ago) won number of such trophys in various CQ Contests. Unfortunately, most of them never arrived. One of our members met CQ WW Contest Director K3EST in Friedrichshafen (Germany) two years ago and aknowledged him with the situation. Some six months later we have send an 
official clubs request to Contest Director. Our request was ignored again.
I wonder what other contesters and especially Contest trophy Donors think
about this?
The list is as follous:
 1. 1981  CQ WW WPX CW  SOAB Europe  UP2NK
     donor TF3CW
 2. 1981  CQ WW WPX CW  MOST World    UK2PCR
     donor N4KE
 3. 1982  CQ WW DX SSB   Contest Expedition World MO   EW6V
     donor "The YASME Award"
 4. 1982  CQ WW DX CW    Contest Expedition World MO   EW6V
     donor K2TT
 5. 1983  CQ WW DX CW     SOSB World-1.8 MHz- UP2BBT/U6V
     donor K7JA
 6. 1984  CQ WW WPX CW  MOMT World    RP3P
     donor North Florida DX Assn.
 7. 1984  CQ WW DX CW     SOSB  World-3.5 MHz  UP2NK/UF
     donor K6SSS
 8. 1985  CQ WW WPX CW  SOSB  World-3.5 MHz  UP2NK/UF
     donor Lance Johnson Eng.
 9. 1985  CQ WW DX CW      MOMT World    RF3V

10. 1995  CQ WW DX SSB    SO World-QRP LY35BA
      donor N7AVK
11. 1996  CQ WW WPX SSB SO World-QRPp LY3BA
      donor Dayton Amateur Radio Assn.

Imagine, 35 operators spends uncountless hours of preparation to the one particular Contest,sends big truck full of radio equipment,generators,fuel,
tents,cables and much more some 2000 km away,carries all the stuff nearly
one km. up to hill by hands (just one these days receiver R-250 weights 96
kg,needless to mention about big 220 V AC generators from the former soviet army), 48 hours spends with high adrealin and headfones on,and then everything back to the start point. Finaly, some two years later they can put
on the wall nice certificate where is stated they were the best in Georgia! 
(RF3V case). Really worth trip!

	73! Gedas,LY3BA
P.S. There never been such problems with ARRL,WAE,59 Magazine and
many many other contests.

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