[CQ-Contest] WC6H is visiting Japan now

JA7RHJ Bear HCE00747 at niftyserve.or.jp
Sat Sep 20 01:40:00 EDT 1997

WC6H Rich is now visiting Japan to collect US No.1 plaque of the Japan
International DX contest.

He arrived in Japan yesterday and visited JA1ELY.  Today he came down
to Morioka where I live, after visiting JA7YAA.  He received the prize
at the welcome party with buckwheat specialty dishes.  Tomorrow we are
going to visit JH7DNO and JH7AFR along northeast coast.

Rich took Japanese callsign, 7J7ACP ; However, he hasn't had chance to
come up on the air so far.  He will be QRVing around 3 UTC of 20th at
14.160 or 170 from AFR or DNO's shack (hopefully).

After Morioka, he is going to travel and visit contesters in JA2, JA4,
JA3 and JA1, then leaving Japan on 28th.

I hope he will have a good time.

                                   - BEAR -  Yasushi  Kumagai
                                              JA7RHJ / AA6PU

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