[CQ-Contest] cq trophy's

Albert Crespo nh7a at gte.net
Sat Sep 20 16:23:24 EDT 1997

I am owed a plaque for the 1995 CQ WW Phone Oceania Single Op and 1996
CQ WPX Phone Oceania Single Op. Repeated requests for these plaques
are greeted with " I am busy" and haven't had the time to get them

Seriously, the concept of entering a CQ contest to win a plaque is a
joke on the operator and donor (who paid in advance).  Either the
program of plaques should be abolished, or taken out of the hands of
those in charge.  If it takes a "contester" more then one year to get
a plaque out , there is a three letter term for the operating

The CQWW committee spends a lot of time pouring over the logs to make
sure they are accurate. It seems like a slap in the committee's face
after all their effort, the winning plaques are not issued.

ARRL is always on time. They are paid.  However, CQ did not put a gun
to those who volunteered (K1AR and N8BJQ ) to send out plaques.
						Aloha, Al

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