[CQ-Contest] cq trophy's

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Sat Sep 20 19:54:41 EDT 1997

Gedas wrote:

>One of our members met CQ WW Contest Director K3EST
> official clubs request to Contest Director. Our request was ignored 
> I wonder what other contesters and especially Contest trophy Donors 
> about this?

Hi Gedas.  I had the same problem here. I won the 7th call area in the 94 
WPX contest as a M/M entry.  It took numerous E-mails and letters to 
finally get my certificate3 years later.  After I  had posted to the 
reflector asking how to find out what happened, I got many many answers 
from people all over the world that had won contests and never received a 
certificate.  Some clear back to the 80's.  I don't know what the problem 
is.  I won a couple of ARRL contests and usually got the certificates 
before the results were posted in QST.  Sometimes you wonder what the 
heck happened to the trophies that were donated.  Are they sitting in a 
closet somewhere????  73 and GL

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