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Leith Jennings leith at inhb.co.nz
Sun Sep 21 14:37:53 EDT 1997

Albert Crespo wrote:
> I am owed a plaque for the 1995 CQ WW Phone Oceania Single Op and 1996
> CQ WPX Phone Oceania Single Op. Repeated requests for these plaques
> are greeted with " I am busy" and haven't had the time to get them
> out."
> Seriously, the concept of entering a CQ contest to win a plaque is a
> joke on the operator and donor (who paid in advance).  Either the
> program of plaques should be abolished, or taken out of the hands of
> those in charge.  If it takes a "contester" more then one year to get
> a plaque out , there is a three letter term for the operating
> practice.
> The CQWW committee spends a lot of time pouring over the logs to make
> sure they are accurate. It seems like a slap in the committee's face
> after all their effort, the winning plaques are not issued.
> ARRL is always on time. They are paid.  However, CQ did not put a gun
> to those who volunteered (K1AR and N8BJQ ) to send out plaques.
>                                                 Aloha, Al
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Hi Al
I can sympathize with you a little bit. I was offered payment for the
article I wrote on ZL8RI in the Oct 96 issue. One year later after some
gentle reminders, I have received the square root of zilch. It's not the
money that bothers me , in fact I was just happy to tell the story, but
it was offered and I accepted. They simply didn't honour their promise.
it's a bit sad, and it's a damning indictment of their level of
"business" or "concern" over their readers. There really is no excuse
for "sloppy" business practices, or to disappoint avid hams that work
their butts off to try and win a piece of paper for their wall. I am not
flaming the magazine or the writers. I love CQ and have been an avid
reader/subscriber for 46 years, back to the days of Wayne Green and
"Scratchi" It just seems to me that the management of their business
should give Alan, the editor and the staff, the help and resources to do
the job well. That's the way to keep readers ... and to keep the good
will of amateur radio, which they need. As I said, I love CQ. It's an
institution in the world of ham radio. It needs some help, in my humble
opinion, from half a world away. I shall await the flames

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