[CQ-Contest] CQ Mag Awards

G. Boyd k6bz at c-zone.net
Sat Sep 20 19:12:42 EDT 1997

I have never won a trophy or plaque though I have sponsored some.  I
have earned certificates and they, like trophies, are very slow in

I would guess John or someone else from CQ Mag reads what passes over
this reflector so I will make one offer and one suggestion.  The offer
is that I will be happy to coordinate the timely production and
distribution of trophies/plaques.  Just give me a list of who gets what
and where you want to spend the money to have them made and I will order
them within one day of receiving the list, insist that they be made
within two weeks, and ship them out within one day of receipt.  Those
are all reasonable and do=able time frames and IMHO the only excuse for
not meeting those time frames is procrastination--a tendency I have
always tried to avoid.

The suggestion is that if CQ does not take appropriate steps to speed up
the distribution of earned awards all of the trophy/plaque donors
withdraw from sponsorship until such time as the problem is fixed.  I
understand that the awards program relys on volunteers and that it is
sometimes viewed as not nice to criticize volunteers.  But folks,
WRTC-96 was run by volunteers and it was both a HUGE undertaking and a
HUGE success.....it was run by volunteers who took seriously what they
had opted to get involved in.  Those responsible for an awards program
that literally thousands of contesters around the world participate in
need to be equally dedicated, serious, and timely.  End of sermon.

Jerry Boyd

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