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What a remarkable great thing could happen with the proposed HF Radio
station.  Not only for the possible life saving value it could have for
its emergency capability when the inevitable big earthquake hits.  But
for the sure good-will it brings to the world knowing a city is behind a
recreational activity that is still an important communications service
to the US and all countries of the world.

Plus you have a great "tool" to get your children involved with the Ham
Radio service, hobby.  A much more rewarding, skill, and educational
building hobby than "Nintendo" ever made.  If it was not for me getting
involved in Ham radio at age 12, I would not have pursued the BSEE
degree.  It certainly was a driving factor in my life to the road to
computers and electronics.  Please do not let this gift that you have
for your community pass you by!

To show my enthusiastic support of this program, when I am told by the
organizers that the city has blessed the project I would like to donate
some of my StackMatches to provide the the phasing  for the stacked
arrays that a world class HF radio station will need.

Best Success to you all.
Jay Terleski,  WX0B
Owner - Array Solutions

AD6E at aol.com wrote:

> The following was sent to me earlier today asking for help from the NCCC
> community.  I thought the international community represented here on this
> reflector might be able to help too.
> Pat, AA6EG, has done a very amazing thing: He has arranged for the city of
> Marina, CA to sponsor a new *CITY PARK* dedicated to Ham Radio Contesting.  A
> description of the site follows.  Pat has been the prime mover to make this
> happen and has put donated hundreds of man-hours this year to get the station
> ready.  Much more needs to be done.  The city has been very enthusiastic so
> far.  Pat has carte blanche to install as many towers and antennas as he
> thinks is needed for this new park.
> However, there is a local shack-on-the-belt ham who is now making waves by
> telling the city fathers that HF is dead and the future of ham radio is
> VHF/UHF.  Pat would like to get your letters of support to show the city that
> there are, in fact, many hams who believe HF is indeed alive and well, and
> that contest operation is one of the best ways to train, or hone the skills
> of HF operators.
> Al,  AD6E at aol.com
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