[CQ-Contest] Short 1 Hand and a foot left over.

Ramirez, Kenneth EXCH KRAMIREZ at intermedia.com
Mon Sep 22 20:03:58 EDT 1997

 This comes from the "DUH" file.
 I own two MFJ voice keyers and every contest I complain to myself 
about how much of a pain it is to have to hit the start buttons on the 
unit itself or the remote pushbutton/auto repeat pad. I figured that 
both hands were tied up on the keyboard and one foot (usually my left 
one) was being used to key up the rig/amp. I was basically short one 
hand  and had an extra foot. Suddenly it dawned on me ( after years of 
doing it the same way and complaining)
that it would be easy to wire in a footswitch to the 1st memory 
pushbutton. Drill a hole on the back of the unit, install a GROUND 
ISOLATED RCA female jack and wire the jack to the first pushbutton 
switch contacts and voila; voice at the foot of a button!  Remember 
that one side of the switch is 5vdc, the other is the eprom actuate 
line. The RCA jack or whatever jack you use cannot have the "ring" 
side of the jack grounded. All you want is a closure through the 
footswitch. Now I can sit back and let my toes do the walking.
                Wonder why it took me so long to do this...
                 73 Ken N4UK

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