[CQ-Contest] 1000D Vs 1000MP

Wilkowski,Joe Joe_Wilkowski at mc.xerox.com
Mon Sep 22 06:53:17 EDT 1997

Folks,  for those of you who have these rigs, can you pass along your 
 pro's & cons ?  It's time for a new rig.  I am primarily a CW op and 
 contester.  The principle rig in the shack is a Icom 765 which has 
 served me well.  In my mode of operation, 500 Hz is about as tight as 
 I like to go from a IF passband prospective.  I am looking for things 
 like AGC action, QSK response times, envelope patterns on first QSK 
 character ( full dot ) etc. What is required for the computer 
 interface ?  Are there any troubles using CT / DVP ?  Side tone 
 tracking, adjacent channel interference and other subjective 
 evaluations  as well.  Last but not least, ease of operability.  How 
 much time do you have to devote to playing with either of the rigs  
 during a contest ?

Thanks for your time and patience  and please answer to me personally, 
 if there is interest I will summarize and  publish to the reflector.

/joe k8fc
joe_wilkowski at mc.xerox.com

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